Debra Corey.

Two-time author, speaker and experienced senior HR leader who brings an innovative and rebellious approach to changing the way we engage our workforce and drive business results.



I’ve been an HR professional for over 20 years, leading and being a part of teams in a wide array of industries overcome challenges to engage with their workforce. I’ve learned a lot about how to design and deliver programs that get that balance right - good for the company and good for it’s workforce. And now I’m ready to share all the secrets!


The Rebel Playbook is packed with secrets.

The world's best companies outperform their peers by 2x by treating their people differently. I've spent 10 years working with them and the last two documenting everything in this book. It's packed full of insight, inspiration and practical tools to help leaders, CEO's and HR people of all levels.


I'd love to help you.

Could I help you at a client or staff event? Present to your board or help you run a workshop? Anchor your awards night or host your strategy workshop? Check my events page for current and past work and if you'd like to talk to me about your event just reach out below or on any social channel.

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