Free eBook featuring new COVID-19 plays

When I wrote my latest book, “Bringing Your Values Out to Play” in December 2019, my aim was to help companies discover, embed and bring their values “out to play”, a term I use throughout the book. In it, I talk about how to do this throughout the employee experience touch points, for example with hiring, onboarding, recognition and performance management. However, I never talk about how to live your values during a pandemic . . . who knew, right?!

And it’s for this reason that I’m adding a new chapter to the book, focussing specifically on how 24 companies such as Atos, Banco Santandar, BrewDog, Delivery Hero, Macmillan Cancer Support, Tony’s Chocoloney and Zoom have used their values throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m pleased to share this advance copy of the chapter with you in this special free eBook so that you can be as inspired as I was with the stories, helping you as you continue to bring your values “out to play” at your company during these challenging times and beyond.

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