Be Inspired

If you need someone to “educate, inspire and entertain your audience all at one time” as one conference organizer said, then I’m your person. With over 20+ years experience to draw from, as well as learnings from writing two best-selling books, I aim to deliver in a genuine, engaging and memorable way.

I speak on a wide variety of topics relating to employee engagement, culture, reward and recognition, and anything and everything in between which impact creating an engaged and productive workforce in this new world of work that we all exist and compete in today and in the future.

Here is a video reel created from a variety of my speaking engagements.

In addition, I’ve attached other videos from a few other events. Feel free to click on any to see me in action.

Reward Gateway Engagement Excellence Summit 2019

Human Capital Institute (HCI) Keynote presentation

Presentation on recognition

DisruptHR magician presentation

US presentation on millennials

Presentation on communication