My Story.

I’ve been ‘doing’ HR for the last 30 years. Sometimes I’ve done it well, and other times I’ve made mistakes along the way. This has taught me important and powerful lessons about how best to engage a workforce in companies of all sizes, industries, geographies and generations.

My career has been varied, exciting and rewarding, doing what I absolutely love to do - develop and deliver HR strategies and programs that create and sustain employee engagement. I get a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that what my teams and I do makes a difference - to the business and to my workforce - and this is what’s driven me over the years to become the best I can be. I’ve worked at global companies such as Gap Inc., Merlin Entertainments, Quintiles and Reward Gateway, seeing first-hand what good (and bad) looks like from a people perspective. These experiences have helped me finely tune my skills and develop into the HR rebel that I am today, with the experience and confidence to know what and how to make a difference and not being afraid to give innovation and change a go.

I’ve now transitioned into what I call the ‘pay it forward’ part of career. This is where I have the pleasure of sharing this knowledge and experience with others by teaching, coaching, speaking and writing. I wrote my first book about a passion of mine, communications, and my second book, which I’ve co-written with Glenn Elliott, is about another passion, employee engagement. I’m absolutely loving it this new chapter in my career, and I look forward to supporting you and your organization however I can.

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