Employee Engagement

3 more ways we piss off our employees

If you asked your employees for a list of things that really piss them off, I’m sure they wouldn’t be shy in rattling off a few. But let me ask you – how many of these do you know about and how many of these physically and/or emotionally drive your employees away from your company? […]

Employee Engagement

Stop letting false successes define you!

I tossed and turned all night long questioning and doubting myself. Why did ‘success’ escape me yet again? What did I do wrong? But then I thought to myself, am I asking the wrong questions? Instead shouldn’t I be asking myself these questions – what is success, and, more importantly – what successes do I […]

Employee Engagement

3 reasons why timing is important for pop stars and HR!

I have a new understanding and appreciation for the expression ‘timing is everything’ after attending The Jingle Bell Ball last night, a concert in London having a lineup of ten famous pop stars. The final act was Little Mix, a hugely popular girl group, one that was one of the headline acts. But what happened […]


When life hands you lemons you . . . . write a book Part 2

Here’s a blog I wrote on an important and life-changing day of my life, the day my first book was launched. At the time I thought was an accomplishment, something to tick off of my bucket list, but nothing more.   Little did I know that it would lead to me co-writing another book, speaking […]

Employee Engagement

How we all can, and must, learn to flip in both directions

When I was young I was a gymnast, in fact I was a competitive gymnast. For those of you who know me, you’re probably not surprised by this, as I have a competitive attitude and nature in pretty much everything I do.   However, what you may not know about me is that although I […]

Employee Engagement

Is motivation as simple as a cuppa?

I was walking my dogs the other day, and on the way passed a man who was high up in a tree with only a harness holding him in place. At first I thought he was doing a bit of exercise, but quickly realized that he was there to do a job, which was to […]

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