Employee Engagement

An introduction to my new book – ‘Bringing Your Values Out to Play’

The following is the Introduction found in my new book, ‘Bringing Your Values Out to Play’,  ”Houston, we have a problem” is probably the most famous sentence ever spoken in space, coming from the radio communications between the Apollo 13 crew and the NASA mission control center. I’d like to borrow this powerful phrase, because […]

Employee Engagement

5 things holding us back from giving the ‘gift’ of feedback

I’d just spent ten days leading workshops on feedback, so you’d think I’d be the ‘queen’ of feedback, being able to give feedback freely and gloriously. But yet I found myself in the same situation as my students, asking myself – should I, do I really need to give  this feedback? My instructor voice shouted […]

Employee Engagement

Why you need to get ‘off the main road’ to be a rebel

Today my husband, my son, and I were rebels as we cycled our way across Mallorca. We decided that after two days of following instructions received from the tour operator to cycle on the larger main roads, we had had enough – enough of holding our breath as the fast cars passed closely by us, […]

Employee Engagement

How one small gesture made over 600,000 people understand the importance of employee engagement

I’ve spent hours, if not days, writing blogs to help and inspire others when it comes to how to treat their employees. They’ve made a difference, but not in the way that a short (and quick) post on LinkedIn did about an engaged employee of KLM. At the time of writing this blog it’s had […]

Employee Engagement

4 ways we can (and should) leave our egos at the door

Have you ever left a meeting thinking to yourself – what an absolute waste of time! Why did everyone care more about making themselves look good and driving their own agenda, then what was best for the team and for the company? That’s exactly the conversation I had with a friend the other day. He’d […]


The hunt for the chocolate Easter egg

What do you do when your company decides to remove a long honored tradition, something like, let’s say, giving your employees chocolate eggs at Easter? How do you communicate the change in a way that doesn’t make your employees hopping mad? Believe it or not, this was the conversation we had recently when I led […]


What do bridesmaid dresses, LEGO and lemon tarts have to do with employee engagement?

We all want our businesses to succeed, right? And why not, we need them to succeed to ensure we have a job, and to ensure we get a regular paycheck. But to an engaged employee, wanting their company to succeed is so much more. And that’s because they think and act in such a different […]

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